Heaven'S Highway

Heaven and hell are a reality - just like earth. The Bible gives us to understand that the earth as it is right now, is a place of decision and transition where people choose their eternal destination. No one is here to stay. And everyone that leaves this earth goes to one of the other two places.

Heaven is a place of beauty, glory and unending pleasures but hell is the exact opposite.

God wants everyone that comes to this earth to end up in heaven to enjoy a glorious eternity. That was why He sent us a Saviour - Jesus Christ His only begotten Son to save us from our sins. But in spite of that, not everyone is going to end up in heaven because individual choices and decisions are involved.

It is the focus of this section to provide helpful and relevant messages that address this all important subject of how to get to heaven. Here also, we will deal with how to break free from the negative vices that keep people bound to a life of sin.

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Why You Need To Be Saved
Message Media Date Download
Why You Need To Be Saved Audio Oct 31, 2014
The Reality Of Life After Death - The Place Called Heaven Audio Mar 23, 2010
The Reality Of Life After Death - Hell Is A Real Place Audio Mar 23, 2010
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