• Enlightenment for change
    Enlightenment for change

    Sometimes, people wish things could change for them (for better). Some hunger for a change of story, others hunger for a change of level (or both). The good news is that whatever change you desire is possible but you've got to have the needed raw material to make it happen.

    The primary raw material for an authentic and lasting change is light. We see a practical demonstration of this truth in the book of beginnings (Genesis). When God wanted to bring a change to a chaotic situation, the first thing He called for was light - He said "Let there be light and there was light". Every other change came after that.

    Spiritually also, the same is true - light is the key to change. Here, we are talking of revelation knowledge that proceeds from the word of God through the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

    That is what we will be bringing you in this section. We believe that as you open your heart and allow God to minister to you through these anointed messages, your positive change is around the corner. Be richly blessed.

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  • Word Of Encouragement
    Word Of Encouragement

    Life is a series of battles and sometimes, challenges can be overwhelming. So every now and then, you need a word - an anointed word to lift up your spirit and strengthen your inner man. That way, you are able to triumph in every situation and move from victory to victory.

    The messages that will be featured in this section are designed to encourage and strengthen you in your inner man.

    We pray that as you listen to these messages, God will use them to lift up your spirit and empower you to overcome., in Jesus' name.

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  • Heaven's Highway
    Heaven's Highway

    Heaven and hell are a reality - just like earth. The Bible gives us to understand that the earth as it is right now, is a place of decision and transition where people choose their eternal destination. No one is here to stay. And everyone that leaves this earth goes to one of the other two places.

    Heaven is a place of beauty, glory and unending pleasures but hell is the exact opposite.

    God wants everyone that comes to this earth to end up in heaven to enjoy a glorious eternity. That was why He sent us a Saviour - Jesus Christ His only begotten Son to save us from our sins. But in spite of that, not everyone is going to end up in heaven because individual choices and decisions are involved.

    It is the focus of this section to provide helpful and relevant messages that address this all important subject of how to get to heaven. Here also, we will deal with how to break free from the negative vices that keep people bound to a life of sin.

    How To Be Saved

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  • Solid Foundation for new Christians
    Solid Foundation for new Christians

    It is one thing for someone to give his/her life to Christ by praying the sinner's prayer, it another thing entirely for that individual to become rooted in his/her faith and become established in the Lord.

    I read an article sometime ago where surveys reveal that out of the hundreds of thousands of people who give their lives to Christ in great evangelistic campaigns by world-renowned evangelists, less than 10% actually stand. Over 90% fall back soon after.

    That is like hauling multitudes of fishes out of the sea only for them to return back to the sea again. This is sad to say the least. The problem is often traceable to lack of proper arrangements and teachings to get them established after committing their lives to Christ.

    That is why this section of our webcast is dedicated to providing new Christians and indeed any believer who needs to find proper footing in the Lord, relevant and helpful teachings. You may have been a Christian for a number of years but still have not had the privilege of proper foundational teachings. Take full advantage of this section.

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  • Help for Backsliders
    Help for Backsliders

    Living a backslidden Christian life is not easy. It is a difficult, rough and hard life especially if you do not want to cut off from God completely.

    Having been backslidden for six years and undergoing a slow but painful process of restoration, I have a pretty good idea of the challenges that backsliders face.

    Unfortunately, there are very few materials out there that are specifically designed to help backsliders and yet there is a multitude of people who are suffering the pains and anguish of a backslidden Christian life. It is true however, that it takes somebody who has been through this rough path to help those who are in it.

    The focus of this section therefore is to reach out to backsliders and provide them the much needed help to get restored to a sound and solid walk with God. If you are a backslider and you sincerely desire to get restored, you will find this section very helpful. If you know of anyone who is backslidden, recommend them to this website. You would be helping to save a precious soul.

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  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention

    Every man at his very best is still limited in what he can do in the face of daunting situations. That is why we all need God's intervention every now and again in those situations where we feel helpless to overcome the odds that come up against us. The things which are impossible with men are possible with God for with God, all things are possible.

    But how do you secure divine intervention when you need it? That is what this section is about. Specific topics will be handled from time to time.

    Not only will there be audio teachings that show you how to position yourself to receive God's intervention, there will also be video ministrations where you can be ministered to and prayed for by God's servant. This is a place for miracles - all you need is simple faith and God will intervene on your behalf.

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  • Anointed Varieties
    Anointed Varieties

    All the other sections on this website are focussed on specific subject areas. While that is good, it leaves a lot of aspects uncovered and that is why we have included this vital section.

    It consists of very helpful messages on different topics such as marriage, spiritual warfare, etc. Some of them will be in series while others will be single messages.

    You can be sure of one thing - the messages that we feature in this section (just as in the other sections), will be rich, anointed, illuminating and life changing.

    Take full advantage of these bountiful provisions and be richly blessed.

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  • Subscribers Download
    Subscribers Download

    Full length messages are offered on this page exclusively for our
    message subscribers to enjoy. You can listen to them online or you
    can simply download them and listen offline at your convenience.

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